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The Step-by-Step Guide Includes:

  • The Truth About Mortgage Modification Details
  • Insider Information About How to Fill Out the Application
  • The Allowable Adjustable Monthly Expenses
  • The Necessary Mandatory Supporting Documents To Be Filed
  • How to Correctly Calculate Your Monthly Gross Income & Monthly Net Income
  • The Necessary Steps to Follow After Filing the Mortgage Modification
  • How To Avoid Any Chance of Foreclosure
  • All Types of Necessary Supporting Documents

“I was facing foreclosure when I hired Joseph Romanello and his office to attempt to modify my mortgage.  Not only did they lower my mortgage payment by nearly 35% but they also shortened the term of the mortgage. For this reason, I am now able to afford most of the college tuition for my children.”

Mike Ford

“I saved over $2,500 on my monthly mortgage payment thanks to Joseph Romanello.  Back in 2016 I fell behind on my mortgage payment because the interest rate adjusted up and the monthly payment was $4,052.  Joseph Romanello modified my mortgage down to $1,543.96 within three months after he started the process. My home is a three family home and this mortgage payment is less than either of the rents I collect.  I am now able to pay my home off in the next ten years!”

Luciana Serra

“I was on the verge of losing my home when I went to Joseph Romanello. He used his step-by-step mortgage modification program to not only save my home but also to lower my mortgage payment by $873.00 per month! This savings has allowed me to focus more on my business and making money instead of constantly worrying and being fearful about losing my home. I am forever grateful to Mr. Romanello as he not only saved my home but he also saved my family.”

Ray Paultauf